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Founded in 1878 by a few enthusiasts Royal Troon Golf Club is now known as one of the finest courses in the world. Royal Troon Golf Club is a legendary golf destination on the west coast of Scotland, and it is a true gem in the golfing world. Royal Troon is one of the courses that host The Open Championship with the latest being 2024.

First off, the location is just stunning. The club sits right next to the coast, so you get these amazing views of the sea, especially when the weather's good. The scenery is classic Scotland – rugged and beautiful. It can be a bit windy, though, so be prepared for some challenging rounds. 

The course itself is a masterpiece. It’s a links course, which means it’s got those natural, rolling fairways and deep bunkers that can be both a golfer's dream and nightmare. The front nine is relatively gentle, easing you into the game, but don’t be fooled. The back nine, especially the final few holes, are notoriously tough. The 8th hole, known as the "Postage Stamp," is world-famous for being one of the shortest yet most difficult par-3s you'll ever come across. It’s only 123 yards, but with the wind and the tricky green, it can mess with your scorecard big time. The club has all the amenities you’d expect from a top-notch place. 

The clubhouse is both classic and cosy, with a bar and dining area where you can relax after a round and chat with other golfers. The staff is friendly and knows their stuff, so you’ll feel right at home, even if it's your first time there. Royal Troon isn’t just about the course, though. The club has a rich history. 

Walking around, you get a sense of the many golfing legends who’ve played there. It’s pretty inspiring, to be honest. There are plenty of plaques and memorabilia that give you a peek into the past, making you feel part of something special. Getting to Royal Troon is pretty straightforward. It’s about 30 miles from Glasgow, so you can make a day trip of it if you're staying in the city. The surrounding town of Troon is charming, with some nice places to eat and stay if you want to extend your visit. In a nutshell, Royal Troon Golf Club is a must-visit if you love golf. It’s got everything – a fantastic course, stunning views, a huge chunk of history, and a welcoming atmosphere.


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