The Open

When it comes to exploring Scotland's golfing history and heritage, Ayrshire and Arran - the Home of the Open Championship - provides a pretty good place to start your journey.

Competitive golf can trace its routes back to 1860 and Prestwick Golf Club with the first ever Open Championship but there's so much to be explored on courses and in clubhouses across Ayrshire and Arran.

You'll find stories about famous professionals brought up in the area. Stories of famous holes played by the greats that changed golfing history. Who could forget for example the Duel in the Sun at Turnberry in 1977? Dig a little more and discover how Arnold Palmer won the hearts of the golfing public with his victory at Troon in The Open.

You'll find famous victors in events such as the British Boys or the British Amateur or perhaps the Seniors Open of the British Ladies.

You'll find a twelve hole golf course; the longest hole in Open Golf and the shortest hole in Open Golf. You'll find courses used as airstrips in the Second World War and some lost forever.

This history and heritage of Ayrshire golf is on every tee, in every bunker and is with you in every putt sank. It is what makes golf in Scotland so special and we look forward to you experiencing some of it during your stay.

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